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Ditto as a brand is known worldwide for its range of paper hangers. Demanding retail platforms have chosen this product, because the hanger range offers different possibilities and opportunities. The Ditto paper hanger is a unique and exciting sales tool to market brands, clothes lines and/or storefronts in a new and innovative way

Why are Ditto Paper hangers so different?

  • Ditto paperboard is tested ultra-strong and can carry up to 9 kgs of weight
  • Ditto paper hangers can be custom designed and printed
  • Ditto uses 100% recycled material, with a minimum of 70% domestic waste paper
  • Ditto will only use natural inks and adhesives
  • Ditto products are free of heavy metals (lead, chromium, mercury and formaldehyde, chlorine, etc.)

Features of the Ditto paper hanger

  • Ditto paper board is 3.5 mms thick.
  • Vegetable-based inks and starch-based adhesives are made use of.
  • Easy to recycle as waste paper.
  • Designed for (fashion) retailers, clothing manufacturers, hospitality industry, dry cleaning industry, institutional settings and a GOH shipping system.

Ditto 15" Clip

Item PA-15-CP | 15 x 7.75 in | 381 x 195 mm | 100 unit cartons

The Ditto 15 inch Clip is another of our best sellers. The highly recycled content really shows off denim jeans beautifully. The removable metal clips are extremely strong and are adjustable from 5 to 13 inches. The clips are recyclable at the store level along with aluminum cans. Branding works wonderfully on this display and brings out the best of organic and natural fabrics.