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The Ditto PET hanger range offers customers the chance to a stylish way of creating a platform for sustainability within their brand, clothing and/or company. Globally, PET is mainly used for soft drink and water bottles. The material known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET is the most recycled plastic in the world. From this, for example, fleece jackets, blankets, carpets, computer components manufactured.

Why Ditto PET hangers

Because of the wide range of recycling facilities for this type of plastic there is enough global capacity to make new products from the waste. Another advantage is that this type of plastic does not release environmentally harmful gases and odours in the atmosphere. With the traditional plastic hanger, the environment is not spared. Ditto PET hangers offer a good solution to this problem. In addition, the PET Ditto hangers have won four international design awards in the field of eco-design solutions. With this the sustainability of our products is emphasized again.

Why customers choose for Ditto PET hangers?

  • Qualitatively tested for long-term use (Multi-Seasonal).
  • With the Ditto PET hangers customers can underline their sustainable ecological principles.
  • Perfect for use in modern companies, organizations and shops.
  • A good substitute for the non-ecological wood, bamboo, iron and traditional plastic hangers
  • Wide international range of recycling facilities.

Ditto 100% PET Wave Coat Display

Item PL-19-C | 19 x 11 in | 482 x 279 mm | 50 units cartons

Designed for Adidas’ SLVR stores, this award-winning display is now available to our clients. It features a super wide 1” wide shoulder and is great for delicates and knits where a narrow display is a problem. It’s a beautiful display and shows off clothing beautifully.Our most beautiful, and elegant displays in the PET line, the WAVE Coat is the display for structured coats. The full-sized 19” WAVE Coat Display provides generous full shoulder support to the most elegant coat. It’s designed with a 2.25” deep body curve and an incredible 7/8” wide shoulder blade. The WAVE design features a gentle slope to the display tips, which drop off the coat sleeves beautifully. This award-winning WAVE design really brings out the elegance of a fine clothing line.