Is it necessary?

Each year 8 billion hangers end up in landfills worldwide. With so much waste the Empire State Building in New York (which is 381 metres high) could be filled 4.5 times. If 8 billion of these hangers end up in landfills, it is wise to make them from a material that does not contain any dangerous chemicals that could be leaking into our drinking water.

For the traditional plastic, wooden and iron hangers petroleum oil is always used in varying degrees. The publicly known black hangers are made from polystyrene and polycarbonate materials which basically contain petroleum. In addition to the depletion of these raw materials they contaminate our groundwater worldwide. Also in the production of wooden and iron hangers coatings are always used that mainly consist of petroleum. A retail hanger has a lifespan of one day, one month or three months (the normal seasonal sales period). For a product that is used as short as that, is it environmentally and socially justified to make hangers of a material that needs a thousand years to decompose?

All these various hangers make use of exhaustible raw materials that are increasingly scarce. The Ditto hanger range offers a strong argument for no longer wanting to make use of these traditional and polluting hangers.

Our contribution to the environment

Designing Ditto products is done according to the principle of Sustainable Design representing a reverse design process "Cradle to Cradle". This means that we first look at the disposal of a material type and then decide whether it can be reused in a given product.

There is nothing worse for an organization or brand than negative publicity, indicating that they contribute to environmental pollution through their business activities.

Aveso Group aims for sustainable, modern and innovative solutions for existing systems. Our research will be focused on sustainable materials and we are following the trend of developments in environmentally conscious products and manufacturing. Furthermore, we are optimistic about the future as an organization and believe strongly that the industry must now take responsibility and leadership in the struggle to preserve our natural resources.

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Environmental Benefit Comparison Between Hanger Systems
Ditto Hanger Wire Hanger Plastic Hanger Wooden Hanger

Ditto Hanger

Wire Hanger

Plastic Hanger

Wood Hanger

100% Non-Toxic Uses metal and toxic petroleum based spray coatings and lacquers Polystyrene off-gases benzene / polycarbonate leaches bisphenol-A Uses toxic petroleum based spray coatings and lacquers
Made from 100% Recycled Paper with min. 70% pcw Uses low-grade unrecyclable metal and spray coatings Uses petroleum based polycarbonate and polystyrene Made from uncertified, non FSC wood and petroleum spray coatings
100% Recyclable Not accepted by recycling programs Off-gases petroleum Not accepted by recycling programs Not recyclable or compostable
No Off-Gassing Off-gases petroleum based coatings and sprays Off-gases benzene and leaches bisphenol-A Off-gases petroleum based coating sprays and stains
Uses Starch Based adhesives and Vegetable Based inks Uses petroleum based coatings and sprays Uses toxic and unstable petroleum based plastics Uses non-FSC wood and petroleum based sprays and stains
0% to Landfills 3.5 Billion sent to landfills - every year 8 Billion sent to landfills - every year 100% go to landfill - not recyclable

Product is shipped and displayed on Ditto Hangers. Hangers can go home with customer for further branding power or can be recycled at the store with cardboard boxes