Ditto 10-Packs (in Elegant Black) Now in the Container Store
Geplaatst op 4 Aug 2011

Do you live in Little Rock, Miami or Paramus? How about Flatiron Crossing (CO), Tyson's Corner (VA) or Buckhead (GA). For those lucky enough to live near those locations, or 42 other cities and towns around the US, you'll find the revolutionary Ditto 10-Pack (in BLACK!) at your local Container Store. Click here for store locations.

Visit your local Container Store and ask the sales associate for Ditto! Take a picture of Ditto in your local Container Store and email it to us! We'll post it on our website with your comments! Fill out a review online and let the Container Store know you want more ecological products such as the Ditto Hanger in their stores. Spread the word to your friends and workers that sustainably designed products like Ditto Hangers are important.

Let's all work to save the world, one hanger at a time.