About Us



Aveso Group has the mission to deal with people, the planet and profit in a more efficient and effective wayand therefore our activities are focused on this. Our point of view is centred around the following core values:sustainability, innovation and quality. We are an environmentally conscious company and we would like todraw the attention of other organisations to today’s and tomorrow’s possibilities in the field of sustainablesolutions. Our ability to distinguish can be found in the socially responsible approach and personal involvementin our business relations, co-workers and other stakeholders.

In that way it is possible to have a look at the right approach together and to put the requirements on papercorrectly. What it is all about is that we start on the right track together and personally keeping in touch withour business relations is our main source to achieve that. Personally keeping in touch, exchanging experiencesand trying to explore suggestions and ideas together, are what we are going for with our customer relationsand co-workers.